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Reserve your spot now and get ready to immerse yourself in the culture and authenticity of Triana in the beautiful city of Seville!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk through streets that whisper legends in your ear? Have you imagined discovering the secrets that the cradle of flamenco keeps? Allow us to reveal the magic of Seville to you with our Free Tour Triana, an immersive cultural experience that takes you by the hand through one of the neighborhoods with the most character and tradition in the city.

In Triana, every corner has a story to tell, every tile reveals a tradition, a dance, a song. It’s not just a neighborhood; It is the soul of Seville, which is expressed in a vibrant palette of colors and a symphony of emotions that accompanies you at every step. Here, history is not studied; you live, you feel, you breathe.

Our Free Tour Triana is your passport to explore this legendary enclave. Guided by experts who know its history and its secrets, Smart Local Tours invites you on a journey through time. Through our Tours in Seville you will walk the same streets that witnessed the coming and going of sailors and the flourishing of artists who have left an indelible mark on Sevillian culture.

Free Tour Triana

What is the Free Tour of Triana?

Our Free Tour Triana is an open invitation to all those who want to get to know Seville in an authentic and vibrant way. We will take you along the less traveled routes, where the footprints of ancient navigators and artists still resonate. Our expert guides at Smart Local Tours will share anecdotes that have shaped the identity of Triana, showing you hidden corners that guard the deepest secrets of Seville, and revealing the unique architecture that frames life in this emblematic place.

We invite you to join our Free Tour Triana and live the experience of Seville from the perspective of a Triana native. Let Smart Local Tours be your guide on this sensory and spiritual adventure that will lead you to understand and love the heart of Andalusia. Reserve your place and join us on a trip that promises to be as unforgettable as Triana itself.

Enjoy our Free Tour Triana, Seville

Our Free Tour Triana is a unique experience that will allow you to explore this legendary neighborhood with the help of passionate guides knowledgeable about every history and secret corner. Crossing the river from the heart of Seville, you find yourself in the streets of Triana, where the seafaring past and the vibrant present intertwine. Here, where tiles reflect centuries of art and craftsmanship, each step brings you closer to understanding the essence of Andalusia.

Our Free Tour Triana invites you to immerse yourself in the legacy of ceramics and forging, arts that have made this neighborhood world famous. You will walk through the Triana Market, located on the remains of the Castle of San Jorge, a key place in the history of the Inquisition. The church of Santa Ana, the Capillita del Carmen and the famous Alley of the Inquisition are just some of the stops that frame our route.

Free Tour por Triana

But Triana is not only known, it is felt. It is the flamenco that resonates in its taverns, it is the smell of orange blossom and incense during Holy Week, it is the voices that are raised in its squares and markets. Participating in our Free Tour of Seville is living the experience of being part of the culture, immersing yourself in its unique atmosphere and taking with you the soul of Seville.

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Why choose our Triana Tour?

Selecting our Free Tour Triana is deciding to immerse yourself in the heart of Seville with experts who know every story, every legend and every corner that makes Triana more than just a neighborhood: a place where history, culture and life are interwoven. everyday.

When you choose our Free Tour Triana, you are opting for quality and cultural enrichment. It is not just about walking predetermined routes, but about living a series of unique experiences that connect you with the essence of this emblematic place. With us, every step is a discovery, every street a new chapter and every square a scene full of life and color.

But why our tour and not another? Because in our Free Tour Triana we assure you an interactive and close experience. We limit the size of our groups to guarantee personalized attention and so that you can really feel the atmosphere of Triana, interact with our guide and solve all your curiosities at the moment.

Furthermore, our Triana Tour is much more than a historical walk. It is an immersion in the vibrant present of Triana, where flamenco, gastronomy and crafts play a main role in the experience of each visitor. We invite you to feel the rhythm of local life, to try the tapas that have made this region famous and to soak up the art that is in the air.

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Free Tour Triana​

Triana is the neighborhood with the most charisma in Seville, from the Puerta de Jerez we will begin a route that will guide us through the most emblematic enclaves on the other bank of the Guadalquivir

We will start at the Torre del Oro, to continue along Paseo Colón to the Real Maestranza de Caballería, there we will cross the bridge towards Triana to enter it.

Through the Altozano we will discover the chapel of the Virgin of Carmen, Cerámica Santa Ana, the Alley of the Inquisition, the old Cava de los Gitanos with its neighbors’ corrals, Calle Pureza with the sailors’ chapel with the Esperanza de Triana, Santa Ana Catedral de Triana, and finally we will arrive at the mule port through Calle Betis, where the first trip around the world led by Fernando de Magellan departed.

Our free Triana Night Tour lasts an hour and a half on foot. Throughout the tour our guide will explain the history of Triana, showing you the most emblematic corners, making you feel the city as the Sevillians experience it so that you can enjoy our city like you have never done before.

Making a Free Tour Triana reservation on our website is as easy as writing in the reservation form that appears on this page.

You can contact us directly by calling 678 348 942 or using the Whatsapp button.

The  Free Triana Night Tour departs every day with a minimum of six people.

Tuesday Thursday and Sunday: Spanish

Free Tour Triana schedule: Tuesday Thursday and Sunday in Spanish.

Prices: As it is a Free Tour, you set the price at the end of the visit according to what you liked

Includes: Official Guide accredited by the Junta de Andalucía, in our case historians since we believe that through the degree a more global vision is achieved that equips the best guide to carry out the visits

Tour of the most emblematic places.

It does not include the interior of the monuments, we will inform you how to get tickets or if you prefer to come with our daily visits.

Meeting Point: Torre del Oro right in the canyons 7:30 p.m.

How to get there: Line C1 to San Bernardo and walk to Plaza de la Inmaculada approximately 15 minutes

Public Parking:

Parking Jardines Murillo, Cano y Cueto S/N

Puerta de Jerez Parking Av.Roma 13

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